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  • When Networking Events Feel Like a Drag.  By : Mark Silver
    Going to networking events is kinda one of those things you are 'supposed' to do for your business. Some people love'em, some people hate'em. But, the truth is, especially for a new business, making face-to-face and heart-to-heart contact with people is incredibly powerful. Unfortunately, networking events can seem like pretty gross, low-energy, artificial affairs, with people glad-handing left and right.
  • 7 Surprising Ways To Turn Audience Members Into Clients  By : Cathy Goodwin
    You've been invited to speak to a business networking group - a great way to market your professional service. How can you transform your audience into clients?
  • Light Your Conversation Fire  By : Peter Murphy
    There is a great tactic anyone can use that guarantees great conversation regardless of who you are talking to.

    The top movers in the world of business and even those charming people who light up any social event know this secret and you can use it too.
  • Build Your Network: A Simple Way To Stay In Touch With Business And Personal Contacts  By : Brian Armstrong
    I've met some brilliant people over the years, but I wasn't very good at staying in touch with them. I'd only remember to call when I needed a favor, and many relationships eventually dried up. That is, until I came up with a simple method to keep my social and business network is flourishing. Here's how I did it...

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