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  • Is Bigger Better?  By : Thomas Geter
    For years money has been made marketing to the women who seek the fountains of youth, the perfect bodies and the most glamorous clothing. Who are these women? They are those who live in areas where the emphasis is on looking their best, those who walk the streets of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Tulane Boulevard.
  • Best Face Foward - Creating a Makeup Palette That Works Beautifully  By : Elli Rose
    Fabulous faces start with a carefully chosen palette. Look great all day and into the night with these makeup tips.
  • Paraben Preservatives and Cosmetics: Controversy and Alternatives  By : Kristin Adams
    Paraben preservatives are very common in cosmetics and have recently been linked to serious health issues. What are paraben preservatives, why is there currently so much controversy and what are the alternatives?
  • Beauty Diary - Get the Connection?  By : Kristin Adams
    Do you suffer from problematic skin? Do you seem to have sensitive skin no matter what you try? If so then you are certainly not alone and the reason behind it may actually shock you.
  • Mineral Makeup - The Next Generation  By : Jessica Cander
    Naked Minerals is a new, cutting edge line of pressed mineral makeup that has redefined the meaning of mineral makeup.
  • Understanding The Components Of Perfume  By : Jim Brown
    The key ingredients as well as the procedures adopted for making perfumes are kept as secret always. All the matters are kept as a secret and the methodology as well as the components is not confessed to the consumers as well as the retailers. Understanding the ingredients of perfumes is not an easy task.
  • Why Flowers Are Still The Preferred Source For Better Perfumes  By : Gregg Hall
    The gentle weight of nature's aroma can lighten our moods and makes even the sunniest day brighter. The power of flowers' aromas is not lost on the designers of perfumes and fragrances. Actually, flowers make up a major source for perfume manufacturers.
  • How And Why Perfumes Are Grouped Into Fragrance Families  By : Gregg Hall
    Traditionally each and every perfume is put into to a specific group or family. These families all more or less reduce to six different categories of fragrance, floral or sweet, sporty or clean, green or natural, musk, woody or chypre, and oriental or spicy. Every person's taste in fragrance varies.

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