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  • Teleconferencing: Always within Reach  By : Nahshon DeMore
    Is there anyone who has not heard of conference calling, today's fast-rising manner of interchanging data between people living in different geographical locations as well as time zones? This is more well-known among agencies and companies, large and small, to assist speedy and efficient swapping of ideas. This is a lot more convenient than having to plan meetings, or even trainings, at a particular venue with multiple members who may or may not be be there at that scheduled time and place.
  • Santa Claus' Business Is Slipping; Text Messages Would Help  By : Robert Bentz
    Santa Claus is the best businessman of all-time, but recently he's been slipping. Adding text messages would help his business immensely.
  • Writing To Get Their Attention - Five Suggestions  By : Suzanne Holman
    Today's readers tend to be distracted, disengaged, disenchanted and busy! How can you get them to slow down and focus on what you've written?
  • 9 Great Solutions to Difficult Conversations  By : Peter Murphy
    Difficult conversations arise in our daily lives. What makes them difficult is that they tend to be the most emotional ones. It is basically because we do not know how to approach a particular topic with someone.
  • How To Communicate in a Global World  By : Amy Nutt
    Canadians are increasingly part of a global world. Canada itself is a fascinating mix of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.
  • 3 Keys to Managing Transitions  By : Gail Solish
    We all know change is inevitable and even though we may not like it, accept that it is part of life. How we cope and manage transitions contributes to our well being and ability to progress in life.
  • Coaching: From Frustration to Success  By : Laurie Weiss
    Sometimes you need a mirror to see how you may be getting in the way of your own success.
  • The Art of Remarkable Leadership  By : Gail Solish
    Leadership is defined as the capacity or ability to guide others to accomplish an objective. To provide leadership, one needs to be a leader. What qualities do you believe are required by a good leader and how does one become a leader? Although some people have natural leadership skills, good leaders are made not born.
  • What Are The Important Aspects Of Communication  By : John Khu
    Communication is the process of sharing information. In a simplistic form information is sent from a sender or encoder to a receiver or decoder.
  • What To Look For When Outsourcing Your Call Center  By : Gregg Hall
    A popular trend taking hold of many different companies is the practice of call center outsourcing. There are numerous well known businesses that use outsourcing for their call centers for various reasons.
  • Top Three Things To Look For In Soundcards  By : Gregg Hall
    If you remember the days of Atari and "Pong," you probably also remember the personal computer's first sound: beep. Yes, you are correct, in the early stages of computing, computers were only able to utter a beep.
  • Proven Steps to Create Profit-Producing Headlines  By : Leslie Hamp
    It's a fact. Headlines are the most important "front line" to any market. It's the first thing a reader sees...and the last if it's no good. Learn how to snag the attention of your customers and prospects and inspire them to buy your product or service with profit-producing headlines.
  • Email Mistakes That Destroy Customer Trust  By : Wayne Messick
    Are poor email practices killing your company's marketing and customer service efforts? Inside are three experiences that ruined my opinion of companies I was planning to or already doing business with. Don't make these mistakes.
  • 900 Numbers Celebrate 20 Year Anniversary  By : Robert Bentz
    900 Numbers have been around for almost twenty years now. This article traces the origins of pay per call phone services.

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