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  • Dressing Your Personal & Professional Best  By : Gerri D Smith
    What does your style of dressing say about you? Are you one type, or a combination of types? Your personality is expressed by your choice of fashions and how you wear them. Learn what determines your choices.
  • Boots Made for Walking – What to Look for In Military Boots  By : kamikazeadmin
    While combat boots have become a favorite foot accessory in today’s ever evolving fashion trends, the actual intent of military boots is completely different. In fact, combat boots are really more about functionality than fashion. What is special about combat boots that make them so excellent for soldiers, and how have they changed and improved over the years?
  • The Blouse Is Back! This Season's Newest Looks  By : Elli Rose
    Any way you wear it, this season you've got tons of choices for the perfect blouse. Flowy and blowy, or crisp and tailored, there's one out for you.
  • Fashion Tips & Trends -- The Summer's Hottest Dresses  By : Elli Rose
    Summer is almost here and with warm weather comes bare legs and shoulders, accented by beautiful skirts and dresses. Fabrics are thinner and flimsy, colors are bright and bold. Slip in to a soft and sexy look, and enjoy the dog days of summer.
  • 4 Fabulously Easy Ways to Flatter Your Figure  By : Wendy Wood
    Even famous women celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Gwyeneth Palthrow have figure flaws. The trick is that they have professional clothing designers and artists to help them disguise them.
  • Flatter Your Figure and Avoid Fashion Mistakes  By : Gerri D Smith
    What are your fashion strengths? What are your fashion flaws? Do you know how designers create styles and fabrics that achieve a certain look that flatters most figure types? Here are some essential suggestions to highlight your strengths.
  • Leopard Print Is On The Prowl  By : Mark Errington
    Life is too short not to wear leopard print and now with endorsement from American Vogue and DKNY, the leopard look is at the very cutting edge of the fashion scene.
  • How to Buy The Right Lingerie For Your Sweetheart And Stay Put Of The Doghouse  By : Gregg Hall
    We all know as men what we like and what we want to see when it comes to lingerie, but what we think is sexy and erotic may be something she has no desire to wear. This is especially true if your lady is shy about her body, and you know if she is.
  • How to Choose The Right Lingerie Color To Enhance Your Features  By : Gregg Hall
    Most women know what they want when they are shopping and they usually know where to find it as well. Most also know exactly what size they are and maybe even the size they are in different brands, but do you really know the best color for you? This is especially important when buying lingerie.
  • How To Find The Perfect Bra For You  By : Gregg Hall
    Most women have two types of bras: everyday use bras and sports bras. No matter what type of bras you wear, however, there are few things more uncomfortable than a bra that fits poorly. The key to being comfortable in your own skin, and feeling confident when you leave the house, is having a bra that fits correctly and comfortably; this can be achieved simply by knowing how to find a bra that fits.
  • Future Trend For Men's Fashion  By : Mark Errington
    Men's fashion tends to look back for inspiration rather than forward. But in 2007, that could all be set to change.
  • A Fashion Basic Quiz  By : Gerri D Smith
    How sophisticated is your knowledge of the basic fashion requirements? Do you own the basic fashions? What is one of the first choices that make up a basic wardrobe? Why is quality more important than quantity? Are you a fashion diva, or a fashion dropout? Test your basic fashion facts.
  • The Secret of Perfect Fitting and Custom Made Clothes  By : Derek Both
    Fashion can refer to the style or custom of dress that prevails at a given time. It can also refer to the garment that that is in style or the making of it. So, you can fashion your fashions in the fashion of the current trends. Well, you get the idea.
  • Dress for Success from Head to Toe and Improve Your Self-Image  By : Ashley Truitt
    With a little practice and effort, anyone can master their personal image and beat a path to job promotion and success in climbing the corporate ladder. Here are a few tips into how to successfully dress for success.

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